Paper session groups

Limits and Potentials of European Liberal Education

Room C14.201 | Tid

Session 1 – Friday Morning – (90 mins)

Paper 1: Nadezhda Chernyaeva & Anastasia Garnova – Liberal education in Russia as an educational crisis solution. Followed by discussion.

Paper 2: Valeriia Golubieva – A reflection on your course of study discussing possibilities and limits of Liberal Education. Followed by discussion.

Session 2 – Friday Afternoon – (90 mins)

Paper 1: Nadezhda Chernyakevich & Yana Mikhalina – A Case Study: Liberal and Postliberal Forms of Institutional and Non-institutional Education in Russia. Followed by discussion.

Paper 2: Nathan Cooper – Evaluating the Liberal Arts Model in the European and US context. Followed by discussion.

Session 3 – Saturday Morning – (90 mins)

Paper 1: Vesta Ivanova & Nikita Khazov – Bologna Reforms and Liberal Education: general tendencies and special aspects of Liberal Education in Russia. Followed by discussion.

Paper 2: Mantė Gasiūnaitė – Policy of higher education quality assurance: opportunities and barriers to the development of Liberal Education in Lithuania. Followed by discussion.

Session 4 – Saturday Late Morning/Early Afternoon – (90 mins)

Paper 1: Daria Kleeva – The Bologna Reforms and Liberal Education. Followed by discussion.

Paper 2: Tid – What is liberal education and what could it be? There are no answers to questions. Followed by discussion.

Session 5 – Sunday Morning – (90 mins)

Paper 1: Emma Jasmin Viskupic – Dichotomy in Education according to Hegel and the possible solution in The Liberal Arts. Followed by discussion.

Round Up: general discussion about themes and ideas raised from the papers as a whole.

What are (European) Liberal Arts?

Room C14.203 | Jacob



Politics and Society

Room C14.202 | Alan & Nir


Interdisciplinarity, Educational & Academic Approaches

Room C14.103 | Nicki & Nathalie



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