World Café – European challenges

Documentation of the World Café at the 1st LESC with a keynote by Daniel Kontowski (you can find the prezi here)


Are we interested in going off campus? Are we interested in inviting people from outside of academia? Does liberal education have a public mission, separate from mainstream higher education? Who should we partner with? Are we delivering only knowledge and skills, or also care for the souls / cura personalis / attitudes / habits of heart?

B. Boundaries and what is the European in Liberal Arts?

Where does liberal education ends?  What elements are required for liberal education:     Curriculum, disciplines, conceptual aims?

What makes it European: Values, identity, crisis, acceptance for pluralism, autonomy?
About who gets LE right and wrong? Do we have our own core texts?

C. User Profile

Who are the candidates, students, alumni? How many are they? Where do they come from? What are the motivations? What are the outcomes? More publically spirited? More successful economically?

World Café_User profile


D. Pedagogy

What is liberal education pedagogy? What is the difference between teaching and learning centred approaches? What innovations are possible? How do we know if something is working? Can you be liberally educated online?

E. Language

How do we communicate LE? Why do we go with this name, out of many other possible options? Can we speak about liberal education to non-liberally educated? How do we attract people to the concept? What is the role of national languages? Should we translate?


And here is the rest…

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