Concept & Objectives

In the past decade many European universities have introduced new undergraduate programs based on Liberal Education. What does this different kind of education stand for and where can it be situated? The increasing complexity of problems today’s globalized societies are facing has resulted in new demands on higher education: interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving, encouraging students to pursue individual interests and critically engage with multiple perspectives on urgent issues. Finding out where Liberal Education as well as Liberal Arts & Sciences in Europe are headed thus is an important question which should be discussed and contemplated by students themselves. We will inevitably play the key role in assessing its true potential as well as its possible future transformations.

The Student Committees of the Studium Individuale at Leuphana University Lüneburg and the Liberal Arts & Sciences at University College Freiburg are happy to announce the first European Liberal Education Student Conference will take place from Thursday, May 12th until Sunday, May 15th at Leuphana University Lüneburg in Northern Germany.

This student-led conference seeks to provide a platform to discuss different perspectives of European Liberal Education. It will bring together students of the Liberal Arts & Sciences as well as likeminded people from all over Europe – it encourages critical debates and is aimed at the creation of a European Liberal Education student network.

As an event from and for students, the conference aims at uniting the great variety of European Liberal Arts & Sciences under one common question:

What is Liberal Education – and what could it be?

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