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The heart of our student conference are the papers written by and for LAS students. We received more than 40 papers which cover a big variety of interdisciplinary and critical approaches. Over the four days the papers will be discussed in 6 tracks about Liberal Education…

… in politics and society

…what is (European) Liberal Arts?

… and is limits and potentials

… as interdisciplinary, educational and academic approaches

The Call for Papers is closed – the conference has started

We are delighted to invite you to take part in the 1st LESC to present your intellectual and academic works related to topics of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Workshops will provide an intellectual space for discussing your own papers and will allow for an intense exchange of ideas. They are framed by keynote speeches and the panel discussion in Hamburg (tba).

We encourage you to share your experiences, thoughts and academic perspectives as well as your questions and criticism of European Liberal Education. The conference invites a wide range of contributions, including reflections on the concepts of Liberal Education. Your conference contributions can be a discussion of the current situation of higher education in Europe or excerpts from your regular coursework which express a particular approach to the Liberal Arts & Sciences. Papers may be written by one or more conference participants!

The Call for Papers opened from January 25th 2016 until  February 29th 2016! General Questions may be sent to:

Nota bene: Please do not use more than 3500 CHARACTERS for the abstract! We expect the final papers to be of about 20 000 CHARACTERS in total.

Possible topics of papers (suggestions)

  • Contemporary and historical ideals of higher education in a Liberal Education tradition
  • Academic reflections on study interests, fields, and experiences
  • A reflection on your course of study discussing possibilities and limits of Liberal Education
  • Can and should there be something specifically ‘European’ in European Liberal Education?
  • The ambivalent concept of the liberal in educational politics and society
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences and educational institutions as instances for deliberation
  • Liberal Education as a consequence of or response to pluralist societies
  • The Bologna reforms and Liberal Education.
  • Liberal Education in between critique and reproduction of an economisation of education
  • The future of European Liberal Education

We are looking forward to receiving your e-mails and are excited to welcome you in May!

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